Terms of Service


1 -  PURCHASE OF MERCHANDISE AND MATERIALS:  E-design is an online decorating service only. The package price includes my decorating services and does not include the price of any actual products being sourced.  You shall pay for merchandise and materials on your own.

2 -  RECOMMENDATIONS: All selections, recommendations, and specifications are for decorating purposes only, to help improve the look and feel of your space and not intended as construction documents for remodeling purposes.

3 -  WARRANTIES AND LIABILITY:  Any products purchased with defects are the responsibility of the manufacturer, which you will need to contact directly.  Candice Prather cannot be held responsible for replacement, freight arrangement or damage claims for purchases recommended for the e-design project. In addition, Candice Prather is not responsible for any work completed by contractors, sub-contractors, craftsmen, and any other such tradesmen, or any work performed by you (DIY).

4 - REFUND POLICY:  Due to the digital nature of this service, refunds will not be given after the first Design Plan is delivered to you. Please notify Candice Prather within 24 hours of purchasing your design package if you would like to request a refund. If more than 24 hours has passed if you would like to change rooms we would be happy to accommodate your request.

5 - COMMUNICATION + SCHEDULE: E-design client agrees to correspond in a timely manner through online communication and Candice Prather, LLC shall do the same. All E-Design packages will be delivered to the client within two work weeks, given our team has all needed dimensions, pictures, and information on existing space.

6- DESIGN TIME: Design work is limited to 14 calendar days from the date of package purchase.  If, after the 14 days have passed the client has failed to request a revision or finalize the design, Candice Prather reserves the right to deliver the final "as is" shopping list with the most recent suggested items. Additional revisions will be charged a flat rate of $70 each.

7- AFFILIATE LINKS:  Some of the product suggestions may contain affiliate links which means Candice Prather may make a small commission if you purchase from the linked sites.  This is at no additional cost to you.