How does hiring an interior designer work?

All designers work differently. We use our contact form, then set up a meet-and-greet via phone conversation that will help us evaluate your project and if we may be of help. Next, if we think we can help, we set up an initial Design Consultation. In this meeting, we will walk through your home with you and speak with you about the specific needs of your project. From there, we present a Proposal for your design.

I don’t even know where to start on creating a budget! Can you help me figure that out?

Of course!  After the Initial Consultation, we can help you come up with a realistic budget based on our conversation outlining your needs. There is a wide range of pricing for things like furniture and fixtures so a lot of your budget depends on where you want to be on the cost spectrum. I usually like to mix medium with high-end pieces so we can land closer to the middle. I will help you come up with a realistic estimate and range. However, we do ask when filling out our Contact form that you put a target number in as a jumping off point.

When can you start my project?

I am always so excited to start new projects and wish I could start each one immediately! However, my availability is limited due to high demand. Yay! In addition, there is a level of service that we strive to provide to our clients, and that level of service cannot be met if we rush or try to cram too many projects into a short amount of time. Your project schedule/time-line is not only calculated from the amount of work in your Scope-of-Work, but also our projects currently in progress and other clients’ projects that are in line before yours. We do not negotiate on time-lines for these reasons. Trust us, we have your best interest in mind! We want your home to be designed with attention to detail and care.

Do I have to use your contractor or tradesmen? I already have one that I love!

Not at all. We are happy to work with any vendor you hire. Your home is sacred and it’s extremely important to us that you hire a vendor that you feel comfortable with. If you need names of vendors, we are more than happy to refer you to those who can help as well. You will not pay us for construction related labor; that is always between you and your contractor or tradesman.

Do I have to make purchases through you?

You are welcome to make any purchases on your own. However, most clients do purchase through us in order to take advantage of the professional discounts that we pass along, as well as our Receiving Services, which can make your life a little easier!

What is E-Design?

E-design is exactly what it sounds like, interior design services offered online. With this service, we are able to offer a simple, affordable alternative to our full-service interior design. E-Design is perfect for clients who want design direction and designer expertise, but don’t mind doing a little legwork to prepare, manage, and implement the project themselves. If you like to DIY (do-it-yourself), then this is definitely the design service for you.

And, the process is simple. We gather information from you to learn what you envision for your space, and then we create a beautiful and functional custom design plan for you that serves as a do-it-yourself guide to create the space yourself. With E-Design, you can tackle the design of your home one space at a time, at your own pace, and as your budget allows!

What if I don’t like what you selected?

My desire is to design a room you’ll love; that’s why I take the time to gather as much information from you via your Design Questionnaire! However, I do also offer one round of revisions with all of my Design Packages. If there is an item you don’t love, I will happily substitute it out with something new.

I am nervous about drawing and measuring my room. This sounds difficult.

Please don’t be intimidated by this part! I don’t need a work of art, just a very simple sketch with some basic dimensions. I even created a “Sample Floor Plan” PDF in your Welcome Package, that shows exactly how to draw out your room. To make it easier on you, you will see in the Measuring Guide that I just need some basic measurements. I want the process to be simple for you. It should take you less than 20 minutes.

How long will it take to design my room?

Projects are completed in approximately two weeks. This time period begins when I have received all of your homework back.

What if a piece you recommend doesn’t fit into my space?

Please double check all measurements before sending them because this is what I am basing my designs on. Don’t worry, I will provide you with a Measure and Photo Guide, along with a sample floor plan to show you exactly how to measure your space. I will review your documents, and if I am missing any information, I will contact you.

Do you order the items needed for my E-Design?

Unfortunately not. For E-Design services, I give you all of the direction and resources you need to complete your room. You’ll be able to purchase everything in the design at your own pace.

Can I reuse some existing furniture in my design?

Absolutely! If you have a piece you love, I would love to incorporate it into your design. Just be sure to include measurements and photos of these items when you submit your forms.

What if an item you recommended is no longer available?

Sometimes items get discontinued, and I would hate to disappoint! If an item I recommended is no longer available, I would be happy to specify a replacement piece within 30 days of the delivery of your design plan.

Can I specify a certain item or store where I would like my furnishings to come from?

Yes! If you have a certain item you know you would like incorporated, there is a place to share all of this information in your Design Questionnaire. The more information you share, the better I can serve you. If there is a store that you love their style and would like items from that store incorporated, there is a place in the Design Questionnaire to specify that as well.

What if I change my mind once I submit all of my materials and payment? Do you issue refunds?

Due to the digital nature of E-Design services, refunds will not be given after the Design Plan is delivered to you. Please notify me within 24 hours of purchasing your design package if you would like to request a refund. If more than 24 hours have passed, no refund will be issued, but if you would like to change rooms or use your payment towards a gift card, I would be happy to accommodate your request.

Which cities do you work in?

We provides services in the Maryland, Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia area.